Today’s customer up date 16/Feb/2020



3 customers came to my workshop.

One Japanese couple and  a foreigner came from London.



It was my first time teach Koto  at the same time for 2 customer,but i did not feel worry about it  at all

She had experience play Koto about 10 years ago when she was student.

I gave her to try second part of play Sakura sakura and Grandfather’s old clock.


He was first time to play Koto and she supported him to play with each other.

When they play Grandfather’s clock, it was completed one measure at a time, and it seemed to be very successful when it was played to the end.

It was so fun time play Koto with them and a lot of  laugh and I really enjoyed this work shop very much.



He came from London and he heard Koto sound when he was child and he  seems to be remember the sound was so beautiful.

He request to classic Koto song with a lingering sound.

But i had no idea to play a lingering sound with Koto at all.



He likes to play freestyle,so I change to teach it.

I teach him  that  I taught a Koto technique to leave the lingering sound after playing the strings.

After that I play classic song and latest Koto song for him.

But I had big mistake!I forgot take picture when he play Koto.

Therefore I took him picture at station.

I really apologize you!