2 Japanese women came to workshop


2 customer came to work shop.13/Jan/2020

People who want to play a lot of songs


She seems to have missed the train this time, somehow hurry feeling workshop.

I felt she was the type of person who wanted to play a lot of songs.

And she played all the songs when I had but she seemed a bit unsatisfactory.


But she enjoyed playing the koto very much and took a lot of photos and went home.

Experienced brass band


She spent an hour and a half coming to the workshop from home.

She  played clarinet and flute in brass band when she was a student, so she practiced very seriously.

After all she plays a lot of songs and she play together with me  it seemed to be very fun.



What I felt strongly this time it was  the audience was not satisfied with simple songs.


In the future, I was wondering if it would be better to select songs and teach the technique

to the customers, so I will change the score a little and improve customer satisfaction

a little more.


And I’m very grateful that they take the time to come to where I live, and I feel that they can

attract customers even if it is not a convenient place.