Anime geek french girl and Airbnb customer



2 foreigner came to my work shop.

French anime geek girl and first time Airbnb customer from American.

Anime geek girl


She is live in Japan and working at Tokyo.

When I met her I find out a lot of anime can badge on her bag.

I prepared famous song for customers,but she didn’t know any songs!

I was so confused but she suggest me to play anime songs.



She request me 「Moon light legend」and 「Tenkyu」.

I have Konooto tomare music score,she said wants to play the song by herself.

She was quick to remember her favorite songs, and she was finally able to play one part of her favorite songs.


First time Airbnb customer


He is a first Airbnb customer and first time male customer.

He came to Japan first time and come alone.



Koto pick was not fit on him but he tried to play.

He worked very seriously on the koto and worked hard to the end without taking a break.

He tried to play「Grand father’s old clock」.

He was sweating and try many times, finally he could to play it  so smoothly.