2 customers came to workshop Dec 27/28



2 customers came to workshop on December.


December 27 2019

The customers was very positive and wanted to enter the classroom as if she wanted to play the koto on a regular basis.



She like to play Sakura Sakura,but she was so fast to play.

I advised her  play more slowly because Koto’s reverberation is so beautiful that I  advised her to be aware of it.



December 28 2019


This customer was experienced in koto and was learning when she was Junior high school student.

She can play it so smoothly,the hand shape and how to play is very natural and beautiful.

She is very interesting classical Koto music,but I don’t have so much classical music.



Because the koto has many duels, she had her play the second.
Although it may have been difficult at first glance, it was not so difficult, so we played together.


I haven’t prepared many songs for those who have experienced koto, so I have to prepare classical songs by the next time.



There are various customers, and we do workshops every time at the level that suits them.

I realized that we had to prepare songs with more variations.