Japanese Musical Instrument session Mokumokukai @Tokyo



It was so fun time when i join together Japanese musical instrument group Mokumokukai @Tokyo Sendagi.

I bring my Koto and I tried Shakuhati(vertical Japanese flute made of a bamboo stem) and

Sinobue,Sitiriki,(also vertical Japanese flute made of a bamboo stem)

Actually, I have never played the shamisen.

The koto teacher and my mother played the shamisen, but for some reason I wasn’t interested and had never played.


Shakuhati was very difficult  instrument to make sound.

Shinobue and Shichiriki could barely make sound.



This is a miniature koto.

It can play with a miniature koto and sound, but it can’t play without using your own nails.



This koto is also small size about 100cm.

I  played it but sound is bad echo and no good for play.


We finished workshop and  move to Izakaya bar, we had dinner  together eat and drink and play music again again again.

Izakaya bar master also musician,Shakuhati player and wife is Minyo singer



This is Bulgaria musical instrument”Duvoryanka”.

It has 2 hole when play it can hear 2 sound.It is very unique instrument.